RTC and stingray

okay, finally it reach the point i have to consider move my RTC to 900 gal with my rays.

RTC is still in my standard 220gallon, its 22". it might be okay to be in there for another 6 months, i had feed it with limit food with sinking pellets.

can anyone had experience with RTC, tell me how big can it grow up to? i read it could live up to 20 years, but are all of them going to reach over 3' or some get big and some doesnt. RTC will get so much food at 900 gallon, i guess i have to fill him up before the rays can eat. My RTC is liked vaccum cleaner.

i feel my tank is too small to house 8 rays and RTC for life, 8 rays 4 male 4 female.

if anyone interest in pair of heleni pls PM, i need to reduce my stock.



If you have a 900 for your red tail odds are it'll get up and over 3'. I've seen them as big as 4'. Just make sure your rays are huge, I've seen big pims swallow rays without problem (well until the stinger was an issue).
If you want to get rid of your Rtc im pretty sure I know someone who will take it. :D

It have gill cover curl, so it may stay with me. 3.5' is good but I can't imagin 4' it be width of my tank. And there won't be much room for it to move.
And it will get so much food at 900 gallons. Well we will see what happen in next year or two


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i would sell the rtc and maybe 2 of your male rays. keep 2 nice breeder males and 4 females. thats what id do!


I wouldn't mix an rtc with rays unless you want the rtc to grow extremely fast or your rays to go hungry. When I was holding Tim's platinum I put it with some big rays and they had no problems together, the only thing was I had to drop so much food in the tank to make sure my rays got food that the rtc started to grow very fast. Now you could get away with tube feeding the rays seperately but that would get old real fast. The other thing is if you were keeping the rtc's food down lower when the rays had pups they would be a meal for a bigger rtc.