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My prized ST has sadly became blind in one eye. I suspect it was bitten by my aro or it was spooked and swam into something. The eye is intact but has clouded over. The St is about 10-11" and is FBFN-full belt, full necklace. It was my favourite fish and I would have never sold it until this happened. I am offering it for $500 firm. If it doesnt sell for this price than I will just keep it. It is otherwise in perfect condition. Eats m.p. with massivore stuffed inside. I'm located in Belleville, 2 hrs east of Toronto.


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Here's a few pics of my ST for sale.


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Why is always the left eye that get damage most of the time a ST get an eye injury. I've seen plenty of ST with eye injury and all on the left eye.

BTW you able to ship to Vancouver?