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Thanks, guys. :)

Mike here's a pic of the diablo from march 17. I'll try to get some new pics tonight.


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I just love this fish! Your photography is awesome to say the least. Congrats on your well groomed collection! Any tips?


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Now that is developing into a chilli red for sure. Do you think that your Diablo is more "blood red", or do you see the "red/orange" as being similar on both fish at this stage?

Congrats on doing a fine job raising your fish.

Thx, Theo. Sorry I missed your question when you posted it.

I do see the diablo as having a slightly deeper colour to it. Despite both starting off slowly with appetites after I got them, the diablo has probably eaten twice as much as the maju in the last 6-8 weeks. The maju still has some gold/yellow patches whereas the diablo doesn't. They both have considerably more colour on the scales than they did a month ago. The colour on the diablos cheeks has spread a little more and darkened in the last month.

They receive almost exactly the same % of water changed out weekly. Same diet.

The diablo is a bit of an older fish as well, or I assume it is considering it was a little bigger than the maju at shipping time. The maju has a very late cert date. The cert date is late november, 2010 literally a month before they shipped it. I got it and it was 25cm or at least very close to that.

The diablo's cert date is July 7, 2010. It came in at a pretty solid 25 if not 26cm. So I'm thinking the diablo is only a couple of months older than the maju.

I know it will be a few years for full colour to be present, but I look towards the next 18 months as being all about growth and body development more so than colour development.. The subsequent 18 months will be about colour. I'm very curious to see how different or similar these aros turn out to be.

Do keep in mind that I am not an expert at grading or classing aros. I know a few things but there is always much more to learn about arowanas. :)
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big fan

great photo of yourfish as always gerry i have been a fan of yours since i saw your tropheus pics years ago. Stunning work!