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Who's been to Taipei? We're doing a family trip to Malaysia this summer (6 weeks for kids/wife, and 2 weeks for me). Wife wants to change the route from Toronto>HKG>Malaysia to Toronto>TPE>Malaysia and wants to visit taipei for 4-5 days...we have friends from that have family back there and told us to go visit...One of my wife's customer is the sister of some famous taiwan star by the name of peter ho. My wife has lots of pictures of him with his autograph....i call him my wife's fantasy husband (it's ok, she allows me to have many fantasy wives! lol). Peter's big sister and family leaves in our city and comes to our house bi-weekly for hair cut and told us to go and perhaps meet up with him....obviously my wife is stressing the importance of exposing the kids to another country....Yeah right! lol

4-5 days in Taipei, i'm not much into culture...


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Taiwan is awesome. Been there a few times. Taipei is like Vancouver. Cold and rainy lol. But a fun place if you like to ship. Kaohsiung is warmer. Food is great anywhere in Taiwan.