what color and type of sand for a stingray aro tank


Depends on the species of ray.

White or black sand tends to be best for contrast.

For type... anything buy fine silica is ok, as long as its not too large and jagged. I find Pool filtration sand to be a good grain size...

Although, i much prefer a bare bottom. Ever consider it?


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i did consider a bare bottom tank i was told the rays like to go under the sand so i was thinking sand


Yeah this is kind of a testy subject for a lot of ray keepers, because there are die hards on both sides. Personally, I keep most of my rays on bare bottom because, to Chen's point, rays are filthy animals and they make a hell of a mess. Bare bottom is just cleaner and easier to maintain.

However, I do think rays (especially black rays) look better on black sand. This isn't just my opinion, I have seen first hand with my hen's how much brighter their spots and darker their base looks on black sand vs. barebottom. Also, with sand you get to see all kinds of cool behaviour that you would otherwise miss out on with a barebottom.


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Keep in mind that when you put sand in there they will move it all over to one corner and get it in your filter :) just my experience though. I have my rays in bare bottom tanks and will likely always :)