Who wants membership in arowanaclub.com?


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Hi guys - I have power to offer blanket acceptance to any trusted forum members to www.arowanaclub.com

This site is a treasure trove of information. Really.

They made it a closed site due to threat of legal action surrounding certain posts (not mine!).

If you want to become a member, post on this thread and I will set it up for everyone/anyone interested.


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Yup, anyone in here is trusted. Which reminds me, if you ever want to nominate anyone to be in here, just let me know.

I will forward your user names to the admin at arowanaclub.com

Tim/homebrewed and Mike (Mclass) , I will pass your name along too.

I suggest you register there using the same user names to avoid confusion. :)

The admin guys are sgmartin and DrDon.

Don acutally gave me a tour around Singapore a few years back, introduced me to some nice aro hobbyists too.

Oh, and concerning high end group buys, looks like they do them over there too. One more reason that this site is members only I think. :)
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I have sent an email off on all your behalf to one of the current admin at:

[email protected]

You might want to contact Martin on your own to introduce yourself. He is in Singapore.


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They are totally disorganized in my opinion, probably on verge of falling apart.

That said, there is some good archival information, old posts and articles.

I'll try one last time to get maybe a group id that a bunch of people could share.