Winter/Spring Group Buy - On Location!


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I am currently in Singapore and am able to source fish in person.

I have now visited numerous farms and plan to visit many more.

What I have learned so far is that Panda Aquatics represents incredible value for a number of reasons. I will explain those reasons shortly, but for now will leave you with a few photos to look at of Panda fish currently on display and for sale:


Wow thanks for the pics man, the golds are really nice and the reds are pretty good goo. It has a very strong green base core colour. Can't wait for more photos.
Great aros from one of the most respected and oldest aro farm in Singapore- Panda prides itself by not importing any aros fron Indonesia and calling them its own. All aros are raised by the farm.


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Mr.Kan and Panda Aquatics are highly respected and connected in the Singapore Asian arowana community. Panda was the second farm to obtain CITES certification on the island. Over the years Mr.Kan has served as a mentor to many people who have gone on to open their own farms ? Max of Max Koi Farm, Nicholas of Dreamfish, and Derek Goh (who is in process of opening a farm) stand out. Mr.Kan introduced me to the owner of Imperial Arowana, who made it clear that Mr.Kan is a trustworthy businessman and a legend in the Asian arowana business. Currently, Mr.Kan has taken on a new assistant named Eric to help with the running of the farm. Eric is in his late 20?s, is from China, and is finishing up his Phd in electrical engineering in Singapore. Besides helping with the wiring (just joking!), Eric has helped revamp the Panda Aquatics website. Check it out at

So, after running around Singapore, visiting countless stores and farms, I have come back to the beginning of my journey so to speak; Panda provides the best value for the money that I can find here! Of course, the fact that I have been dealing with Panda Aquatics for three years now may have something to do with that?but then that is a GOOD thing. Mr. Kan has supported me and Kenta in our desire to bring reasonably priced high quality arowana to the Canadian market. I feel that his past support is evolving even further. I honestly look on him now as being something of a mentor, which I guess puts me in good company! :)

Mr. Kan?s passion for the Asian arowana hobby is obvious. I share with him (I think) the contradiction that comes with combining a business with a hobby. Mr. Kan is not out to get rich from Asian arowana, nor does he seek to really build up his farm. He just wants to see his past work and labour continue to live on in the Panda name. Mr.Kan can not be bothered at this stage of his life to aggressively pursue the business of Panda Arowana anymore, but he is willing to support anyone who wants to do so. I feel honoured to have his support.

In addition to the legendary ?Panda Gold? and ?Panda Xback?, consider this ? Mr.Kan?s first grade red arowana or super red ? The Panda Red ? is a 100% product of two first grade parent fish. You will not find a banjar cross fish for sale by him. Mr. Kan sells his own fish, bred on his farm. You know what you are getting when you buy a fish from him.

Okay, time for how the group buys are going to work over the next few months. Working together, Eric and Kenta should be able to provide high resolution photos and video clips to anyone looking for an Xback or Panda Red. Eric is willing to do the photography, Kenta can handle the logistics of assembling requests for photos. Beyond group shots of fish, we should be able to provide photos of individual fish, hopefully by microchip identification- once a customer commits to a purchase by making a 25% deposit.

So, where am I in all of this? Funny enough, I am off traveling now for the next few months. You can expect to hear from me soon (hopefully) with stories of catching loaches in hill streams and diving amongst some amazing coral reefs.

If you are looking for a high quality Asian arowana at a reasonable price, I?d recommend you act soon. This kind of crazy mid-life adventure of mine will not last indefinitely?So act while you can! :)
This is exciting! Now we can actually see an arowana before we purchase. This was always one of the drawbacks to purchasing through a group-buy before. You had no idea what your aro looked like. This is great news! Thanks guys!!!:):):):):)


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If you really want a specific fish from a certain farm I can source it for you. Cost plus 20%. Deposit required.

Really though, I honestly think Panda offers the best value, for many reasons.

I am putting my money where my mouth is and picking up a group of Panda fish for my personal collection.


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looks amazing

i can't believe i missed the first page of this thread.

must be overwhelming seeing all these great aros first hand. great work