Gulper Catfish - RARE!


If you're looking for something rare, unusual and damn cool, we've got something for you! Astereophysus Batrachus, AKA the driftwood gulper catfish, stays relatively small (max size around 10-11 inches) but they have the incredible ability to swallow food up to twice their size. As you'll see from the video below, watching them eat is truly a sight.

[ame=""]YouTube - Flyfish Import & Export - Gulper Driftwood Catfish Feeding[/ame]

Size: 5+ inches
Price: $100 ea. or 3 for $250
Currently eating: Market prawn and massivore

Shipping available across Canada via West Jet.

These are one of the hardiest, most unique catfish and are rarely available in the hobby.

Note: While several can be housed in one tank with no issue, care does need to be taken when housing with any other tankmates. To ensure the safety of your tankmates, it's recommended that they be atleast twice the size of the gulper.
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These guys are awesome. I used to have a breeding trio of them, definitely one of the more active driftwood cats. I got out of them when I decided to focus on my trachycorsytes. I just can't justify multiple tanks for similar looking fish.

Good luck with the sale!