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Thanks, guys!

They are pretty docile with other fish. They don't have fangs or great big mouthes. The male tries to push the female around occasionally.

The kicker is they loved NLS 1mm cichlid formula right out of the shipping bag! Of course they get veggies and veggie discs as well....


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Nice! Can they be sexed at a smaller size? How do you differ sex?

Is that an L014 in the back?
I'm not an expert with plecos. They are sexed by the colouration in their tail fins and their vents. Males have significantly more colour in the tail and are more thicker-bodied than the females. I'm not sure how much smaller they can be and be sexed.

When I move them, I will get some vent pics.

And yes, that's an L14 in the back. :)
Very nice Gerry. One of my favourite plecos. When I was in Ontario last year they had some huge ones in Lucky's. I never believed they grew that size until I saw them in person. I love the sunshine you got there, can you post more pictures of it?


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Thanks, J. Since moving the plecs into a tank with texas holey rock, I don't see him too often. I will throw some shrimp in the tank, that should bring him out. ;)


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bringing this thread back to life!

Still looking for a nice pair of these L095's.....any leads would be appreciated...Spencer doesn't have any so need to find some folks who might have one or two! (Gerry!? :)