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I am working on a very interesting order for a full range of fish, from the more common (and less expensive) High Back Red Tail Golds to the more rare (and expensive) Super Reds and 24K Gold Crossbacks. Looking at fish from Dreamfish as well as from some other farms, all arriving at about the same time. I will likely be bringing in some other interesting fish too.

Stay tuned for photo and video in the coming days. :)


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Coming soon we have high grade Chiili Red and VFSR (Violet Fusion Super Red)

Video from the last order prior to shipment:

Video of some of the fish on arrival (some with NAN light, others without NAN light)

Same fish as above but with NAN light:

Here is another from same order in Vancouver:

Here is a MATURE VFSR in Vancouver last year (no NAN light):

Here is the same fish with NAN light:

The VFSR and Chilli Reds coming on this order will be smaller size of about 6 inches.


Here are some videos of both BBXB and Crossback Splendours (Tong Yan) I am bringing in; I've included a couple videos of smaller fish in the mix below, along with a video of a grow out of a Crossback Splendour.

Larger size and adult BBXB from same farm and brooders as smaller fish:

Small BBXB imported last year:

Here is a mixed video of BBXB and Tong Yan from last summer:

Here is a BBXB from last summer:

And another import from last year:

And here is another from a couple months ago:

And here is a BBXB from a last year order referenced in a thread on another forum: http://www.bcaquaria.com/forum/monster-fish-21/my-bbxb-arowana-223890/ and here is a video of it:

Larger Size Tong Yan (Cross Back Splendour)

Feb. 23/18 update:
March 2/18 update:
April 15/18 update:
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I now have the following available from this order, landing in 4-5 weeks:

1 Gold Base XB
1 Tong Yan XB


Coming later in the spring: Panda Gold Supremes, Merlion Gold Heads (Dreamfish), 24 K Gold Crossback

Email [email protected] for pricing and payment details.
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Am now working on the Merlion/Dreamfish/Panda combined order.

In addition to some high end cross backs, GH, and 24K fish, am also bringing in some quality Panda Golds (RTG/HBRTG) and Panda Gold Supremes (HBRTG/XB). See videos below of the fish on hand for this order: