where is everyone...

finally got back into the aro world and now have a hiback gold with 5 geophagus red head tapajos in my 150g setup...i've owned an rtg....datnoids (ST,IT,CT).peacockbass..flowerhorns and many other tropical fish over the past few decades....but arowanas have always been my number one fish and i'm pretty happy to finally own one once again....

what happened to this forum...where is everyone lol...is there another forum that local gta aro owners are at??....


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that's awesome you're back in....I'll be back in the not so far future...busy with work, life and other hobbies including pets....so not much time for Fish....been into Bengals, Savannah Cats of late....once i'm over that...i'll be back into fish in no time...kept some of my filters and gears although i dont' think i'll be back into the monster tanks...maybe an arro, a couple of rays and some other smaller fish;


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People join the Asian arowana/monster fish hobby, people leave, people take a break. So there is a lot of natural turn over of hobbyists. Throw in changing social media preferences - especially the rise of FB and decline of BBS (Bulletin Board System) forums, and well, you end up with few posts. One interesting thing is that the number of "lurkers" - people who check in and view/read threads but do not post, is quite high. We seem to have around 300-500 people who monitor this site or check in weekly to see what is happening, especially in terms of buy/sell.


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My guess is the site has gone global on some level. There is a fairly deep knowledge base on the site in past threads, relatively well organized by section/sub-section. For people new to the hobby - anywhere in the world - there is a lot to learn here.