wtb: hikari massivore

Just want to make a quick comment.

You can check out how long it would take to finish one (let's say 250g) bag of arowana food sticks, then you can tell whether you can consume a box of 24 bags. Normally, the expiration month is about 1.5 years to 2 years from now.

Hope that help.


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do u have enough ppl to share box of massivore in GTA??

are you going to buy one box for purpose of re-selling individual 2.2lb bags?? if so when can i get one bag of 2.2lb bag of massivore ??
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hey howard and chen, if you guys decide on ordering let me know. depending on price i may be interested in 1 or 2 bags well i know its not a huge amount but yup my fish still small.
For those in Alberta and don't mind driving to Calgary I will be able to supply Hikari products. My wholesaler does not carry the 2.2 lb Food Sticks or Massivore but I can get the 8.8 oz Food Sticks and the 13.4 oz Massivore. They will be slightly more $/oz than the 2.2 lb packages but still way under retail. Sorry but I will not ship, this is more of a favour to those who can't take a case of 2.2 lb'ers. PM me for info.