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Hi Vince thank you for purchase some stingrays with you, all your tree fish is amazing, the BD and Henlei is so cool thanks again bro.
Hi,I see you are trading...I think Canada to Dublin,Ireland shipping is more realistic.I am looking for a 6-8 inch Aro.Can you send me a quotation ([email protected])
hey saw ur add on monster fish about your datnoid... i was wondering if they were still available
hey eric..probably going to need a couple more rolls of floss soon
hey Wayne, I got my tank from Tenecor out of Arizona...and they too are not around anymore! There are a few guys in the states....Mike from here got one made from the us as well recently!
Hey Chen,
Can you tell me who made your tank? My 450 acrylic tank was made by Kevin of aqua scape in 2002 in scarborough. He is not around and I might need to replace the one I have. Do you know any good builders. Thanks.
Wayne mah.
Hi Mike. I will take him. Can I get him shipped once you come back? I just started a new job today and won't have the cash for a couple of weeks. I can give you a couple hundred as a deposit for now.

Hi Sam,I'm in Ciar Lake Sask. till mid Dec. has plenty of pics. Mine are mint w/lots of care taken to raise them.
Also ask Vince who is on this site he has bought 70 of my babies already!

hi Boydo... I want to know how much these fish cost each and the size they are now. THanks! Stock # 6923, #0419, #0421, #0411, #0412
are you interested in a 12-13" Diablo Red from Pang Long?