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Hi everyone

I'm setting up my new tank

its all under way and should be complete at the end of Feb 2010

its going to be a 8ft long x 6ft wide x 3ft deep all glass tank

it will have a 6x2x2ft sump and pumps will turn over 20,000 lph

4 x 25w UVs

24/7 WC via a HMA filter

the tank will be controlled by a full aquatronica system

I'm looking forward to it now and the tank will be made onsite on the 10th of Feb if all goes to plan :D


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Congratulations Richard on the next step in your evolution as a hobbyist. :)

Any chance you could work with your supplier to see if an integrated Aquarium control system suitable for export to NAmerica is available? Or, perhaps there already is such a system available over here, but I am just not aware of it?

In any case, I look forward to watching you develop your new system. :)


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The aquatronica will monitor and control PH ,temp, lights ,sump level, conductivity and water leaks

it will send me a text message if any of the parameter drop below the set level or the power drops out which is important as the tank will be in the garden

its all the little thing you don't think about that add up to a lot of $$$$$

I'm putting a Jewel background on 3 sides of the tank to keep warmth in and as their is no way i will be able to get to the back to clean i thought it was a good idea until i worked out i would need 18 of them at c$50 each :eek:

sand needed 150 kg

2kw of heaters

and a tank this size in 17mm glass is also very expensive

i will post picture once i start to build the base which should be next weekend


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insulation is near finished along with the electrics

I'm hoping the tank will be built on the 10th Feb 1 week later at the latest :D


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bit slow this weekend but we managed to get the electrics and most of the base done we can only do 3 layers of blocks at a time as they weigh a lot and make the cement sink


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I remember you talking about this "dream project" when I visited you Richard. Thanks for sharing the dream. :)
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i was on a deadline today to get all the concrete in to give it time to set for the tank build on wens

all went to plan with all the top supports set in concrete tomorrow we will do all the up rights

can one of the mods move this thread to DIY project as i feel its in the wrong place

thanks in advance


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There's a ton of controllers available for the NA market. Currently thinking about purchasing the Neptune Apex controller for my reef tank.

Having a controller makes life all too easy. You can pretty much control every parameter with dosing pumps, auto top off systems, auto water change, DC pump speed control, light and heating cycles based on time and day, alarms, etc... the sky is the limit.
Some even email or SMS you when something is out of wake. Something to think about if you work on a busy schedule or are out of town a lot. The only thing I can think about that it can't do is buy more fish. :D

Haven't heard much about the Aquatronica controllers. Many people are using Reef Keepers, Neptune, and GHL Profilux.


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base was finished today

i have something fancy planned for the front face but cant do that until the tank is built on wens

just a few coats of vanish then its all go


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You might get every Canadian aro nut who passes through London asking to crash on your couch! :)