new year new project


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yeah some updates when you get a chance....

You never or I didn't noticed if you did tell us whats going in there? if its from your older tank, what are you doing with that tank?


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stock will be what i have now and a few other things

1 x chilli red
1 x dat pulcher ST
1 x tigrinus cat
3 x p14 rays
2 x scobina rays
1 x xanto pleco
4 x golden tinfoil barbs
3 x twin tail tinfoild barbs

this i have being held in my freinds tank

1 x lince cat
1 x fly river turtle this is a very chilled one but i will see how it goes
2 x pearl ray

thats all i have planned for now i may up the shoal of tinfoils to 10 when i find large ones


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Nice....i was so tempted to get a FRT for my big tank too....but had to resist for the sake of my Rays....


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they worked hard and have only just left

i think they could have done a better job of the background but i have a little trick to hide the lines

im not sure if i want to cover the weirs with the back ground or not yet but i think i will just to finish it off and make it look a bit more natural


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why did construction the overflow on side....? it should have overflow 18" to 12" on the back. I think the water flow will not flow correctly? your aro might have issues. You run the tank with cheap fish first prior to introducting your expensive fung shui fish...
this is my 2 cent comment.


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I don't think there's anything wrong with having 2 overflows one on each side. Higher turnover rate from the looks of it.


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the over flows are on the side for a few reasons

1 better flow
2 to make the base stronger to allow a 6x2x2 sump

if you look at the over flow boxes you will see 2 return pipes in each over flow box 1 pushing water to the front of the tank and 1 to the back

i will be turning over 20,000 lph so each over flow box has 2 x 40mm drain pipes

i think this will work well but we will see

as for putting the aro in i will be using 50l of mature media from my set up now another 4,000 bio balls and some jap matt

i will also be using seachem stabilaty for the 1st week which will speed up the cycle


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this will give you a idea of the look I'm going for

the tank frame and sump doors will be sprayed in a high gloss red :D


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the frame and sump doors will be going to get sprayed tomorrow :D


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The finishing touches really do make that setup stand out- from the trim, surrounds and the the brickwork, Call me a sceptic but what do you if the tank leaks at the back?