**platinum gar**

our exporter has some platinum gars available these will only be for special order only.. they are from 9-12" grade A!
prices are $9000 per piece
thanks fellas.. ya i seen a few big ones while i was in thailand and i coldnt stop staring at them!! hope i could afford one myself soon :D
I'm just going to print and cut them out and tape to my tank! Lol
ahaha i just look at the pics and do the same.. really would love to see someone get one of these! very awesome fish in person!!

I am really interest into one. Can you send me photo for exactly which one I can chose from. My email is [email protected]
these are the actual fish :) you got mail.

Those fish are gorgeous i was i had 9G just sitting around .... trying to find a 300 gallon+ is hard enough
yes dont we all lol.. 300g tank most likely gonna have to get custom built :)