Special Project for 2010


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so...last years project to getting setup and ordering my new 450 Tenecor system along with Howard.

this year.....it's going to be changing the stock around, cleansing and re establishing a brand new stock list.

Currently i have my 15" dia big spot Black Diamond Male, 5 8"+ Black Barred SD's, 3 8" Royal SD's, and my 15" Platinum RTC. Looks pretty bare for the 450gal..

Over the next couple of months I'll be starting my most aggressive stocking ever......

Stay tune.......:confused::confused::confused:;););)

Feel free to guess......shouldn't be too difficult....


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This is going to be an intense weekend starting tonight. Expecting arrival at the airport 5 WC P12 Henlei's rays (2m/3F) one pair is only in transit and will be leaving me in a week.

And then....the big shipment is tomorrow morning (sat)....my 9 pang long's. The 5 diablo's, 2 absolute golds and wild bbxb arrives just shortly after 6am. Going to be a looong night tonight! I'll have my henlei's in the tank hopefully by 1am saturday morning, try and get a couple hours of sleep and then back to the airport for 6.

Hope to get my 3 BDs to add to the existing male in a month! Whenever they release the permits in brazil


Oh man, your weekend sounds like my next weekend, Chen!

Congrats and good look with the acclimitization! Can't wait to see this tank


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Sigh, a couple more henleis to get in and then quickly to bed for a couple hours before going back to grab my dragons. I doubt I'll get any sleep now! Lol
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What a sleepless night! Rays into tank by 2:30, in bed by 3am and wide awake by 4am! Lol

Back to the airport for 6am and just finished putting all 9 dragons into tank. They're already eating mp's!

Now, for me time! BED.


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Photos and movies

Who am I kidding? SLEEP...LOL

WC Henlei's all have very noticeable perimeter spotting!...one of the female has tonnes of spots...photos don't really capture their spotting though...My current male BD's spots are all starting to eclispe...lighting sucks that you can not see the dark spot in the middle of his spots but their coming..

Aro's were pigs on cut up MP's so that's a great sign that they started eating within 30mins of being introduced to their new home....a couple of the Diablo's at 8" are already showing red on their cheeks and scales..

here's some quick photos...and a quick movie







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Looks like everyone is settling in nicely! :D

Yup...had half my arm in the aro side picking up uneaten MP's..they're not even spooked...they swim right up against me...wow....it's a very nerve racking ordeal everytime I open the lid....too many little guys to keep an eye on!...unlike the rays...:)

I'm already bagged from no sleep and have a big BBQ at my house in a couple of hours! lol...one beer and I'm OUT for the count!.


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lights were only used for the video and photos...all is dark now...i "MIGHT" turn on the aactinic blub when guest shows up


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more pics and good video

just before bed thought I'd upload these pics from this afternoon. Aros eat like it's their last meal. ALL WC Henlei's are now eating small cut up MP's which is great.

Video is being converted to Youtube and will be available tomorrow..

Here are pics now..











Video under conversion...should ready for tomorrow morning..

Stay tune.......