Tenecor Group Buy 2009


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Curious...anyone else other then Howard and myself purchased tanks from Tenecor from last year?


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it's almost time for your tank to arrive eh Howard? Is the new place ready yet? how about the structural support? I would guess 4 jack post and a couple of steel lintels from Home Depot would be good enough for your support ....only going to cost $400-$500 for that...

Good luck, let us know how the progress is, then we can close this thread for potential 2010 Tenecor buyers!... :)


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Yes, good luck Howard! :)

I learned recently that Dennis Hip, the old GM of Tenecor has left the company. I am not sure how they plan on dealing with hobbyists going forward, who is in charge, etc.

I have been pestering them for a long time to come on this site as a sponsor. Hopefully it will happen sometime this year... :rolleyes:

Anyhow, I look forward to your photos too. :)
i believe there are several agent take over his case, the one i am in contact with now
is Joe Ciaravino, i think he is even easier to deal with.

one quick question,

does it work to have four 35watts UV light to use on my 775gal, because it would save me 2/3 of cost to purchase one 80watts.

if i knew this is what i would be going throught, i will never deal with tenecor.

1. the tank has been delay six times and over two months.

2. not once tenecor notify me about the delay i have to find out myself.

3. i left the msg and they don't usually call back

4. i told them on feb that if they cant ship it before june then don't bother about it because i be working outside toronto till sept. however they just ship it without notify me. they shipped on mid june friday then UPS call me on the following monday then tenecor send me the tracking number on tusday. and all this happened while i am out town. so i have to go to custom on 11pm right after i return to toronto. then i have wait for it be inspect. then i have to return to custom on 5am and pass the paper work to UPS, because i have to leave town again in the morning.
then fucking news is that UPS staff told me that they cant not handle this shipment because it is too huge. then why would tenecor pass to UPS? why would tenecor make their name so big but they cant make the delivery?

5. the first schedule shippment date was april 17 after the delay they ask the full payment by may 07, so i did, but they actually shipped it on mid june, why would they want fully payment when the tank isn't ready?

6. the last fuck up thing just happened tonight. UPS pass the job to another shipping company call white glove and this shippment time should be today june 29 between 3pm to 5pm, since i am not at toronto i asked my gf to book a dayoff and help me to receive the shipment. also i hire 8 ppl to move the tank into my home on 6pm.

However the shippment never show up. I called white glove, and no one answer its after their business hour. i called UPS and their duty manager can only advice me to call in the morning because she has no clue of how to find the contact of delivery man.
I don't know how does this Company run their business tenecor and UPS.
UPS let a deliver man take my $10,000 stuff away without his contact number, the manager can only gave me his name and tracking number, what the fuck can i contact him.
so i paid 8 ppl three hours of labour of doing nothing but waiting.

i don't want to post this thread in the public because i felt so dumb that i dealt with tenecor.

i really want to consult to a lawyer when i return to toronto.

So please i don't want to hear anyone recommanding tenecor anymore.

can anyone tell me if there is any legal action i can take?
is there any law that protects consumers?



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Wow, you really are going through a fucking wringer on this one. I hope it works out, am sure it will in the end.


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Howard, once you receive you shipment and get settled you should post this issue on Monsterfishkeeper where there are a lot of guys who would be buying from Tenecor....They will surely pay for this on there!. I've had my issues clearly documented on there but they did not go through UPS but Conway shipping. Conway as mentioned delivered to my house but couldn't move if off their truck hence you hiring 8 guys from my bad experience. The deal was when Denis was there, he returned my calls after a few try and also refund me $150US because they were to have tail gate delivery ie...off the truck and didn't.....this needs to be documented and story told. I recently received an sales email from tenecor talking about how good they were and blah blah blah...BS!....that's what the economy does to some company..


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Just to share what I have heard regarding to a similar issue.

Since this is shipping from USA to Canada and the selling company may not be able to ship the item directly to your door. One way to do it is to hire a moving company (in Toronto) to move the tank out of the manufacturing company, clearing the custom, and then delivery to your door.

In doing so, buyer should know where the item all the way.
well,this morning UPS called me and asked me when did the shippment arrive yesterday?
i told them there is a NO SHOW.

then this afternoon the white glove said they will provide inside delivery this friday......
i will see on friday.

i just think that if those company would have problem with large size tank, then tenecor should refuse my order in first place; but instead tenecor accepted my money then told me about the delay and difficulty about shipping.
yes, it finally arrived. it had to be handle by professional moving company. because the
tank has to enter in side way. 900gallon, it makes my 220 gallon looks like a toy.


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good stuff howard...now comes the fun part of hooking it all up! post some pics!

your 900 is 10x4x3 right?


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Wow, thank God that is done with. What a marathon!

Looking forward to seeing some pics. You must have one of the largest private acrylic aquariums in Canada? :)
this tank is just another dimension, i have to think how to do maintainance, how to clean it. and yes it is 10'x4'x3'. adding the canopy the tank is 7' tall.

i am working out from Toronto these days, so the tank was receiving and looking after by my grilfriend, i am glad that she know all my fishes. i will probably set it up when i get back in sept.

personally i don't recommand ppl at canada to import the tank this huge.
because just the weight of the acrylic is over 1,000 lb and the dimensions. just to moving it from the driveway into the main floor could easily cost $800-1000 and many moving company won't do it. it took them almost four hours, with the lift cart into my house too.
tank a.jpg

tank b.jpg

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